10 Ways to Create New Holiday Traditions as a Couple ...


10 Ways to Create New  Holiday Traditions as a Couple ...
10 Ways to Create New  Holiday Traditions as a Couple ...

You've finally taken the plunge and are in a healthy, happy and committed relationship 💑. With the holidays 🎄 coming up, you're excited about spending time together 👫 but are stuck trying to finalize plans. One of your favorite parts about the holiday 🎇 season is getting to be a part of your partner's family traditions, whether it's baking delicious snickerdoodles 😋 with grandma 👵 or trimming the tree 🎄 with the kids. But even though you love his family, you've been itching to do something a little different this year. What better way to celebrate 🎉 your newfound happiness than by starting your own holiday traditions 🎇?

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'Tis the Season for a Winter 🎿 Cleaning

human action, photograph, person, woman, clothing, Don't wait for spring 🍃 to revamp your place. There are two benefits to doing this. First, decluttering your house 🏡 (even if it's just one room) will help you relax and feel less stressed 😓 about pending holiday plans 🎅. It'll also give you an excuse to spend some much needed time together.


Send out a Holiday Card 🎅 to Family and Friends

red, photograph, emotion, love, interaction, The goofier, the better! Photo shoots are always fun when you try to get the other person to laugh. Bonus points if you can incorporate your pet 🐈 in there somehow.


Ugly Christmas Sweater ⛄ Party for Two? Yes, Please!

clothing, christmas, BE., I'VE, BEEN, They're ridiculously cheesy and corny, which makes them *even better*. Whether you rock matching ones or try to outdo each other, you can't go wrong with an ugly Christmas sweater ⛄ party. Kill two birds with one stone by wearing the sweaters to your holiday card photo shoot.


Invest in a Quirky Tabletop Tree 🎄

christmas tree, tree, christmas decoration, lighting, branch, Hear us out on this one. You're still settling into your new place and figuring out what goes where, which means that finding space for a huge tree 🎄 will be a lot harder than it looks. Decorating a small tree 🎄 together is a lot more fun. Which brings us to the next one...


Customize Your Ornaments

pink, finger, hand, petal, sense, You can create a time capsule ⌛ ornament of your favorite memories from the past year. and start a yearly tradition. Or you can paint 🎨 milestone dates onto the back of an ornament you've chosen together.


This Season, Give the Gift of Love and Charity 💖

tree, interaction, One of the things that you're most grateful for this year is having a family who loves ❤️ and supports you. Why not donate your time to those who aren't as lucky? Volunteer at a soup 🍵 kitchen, donate to an after-school program in need. Get out there and make a difference.


Cover Your House 🏡 in Holiday 🎅 Swag

room, duvet cover, bed sheet, textile, material, Don't be afraid 😨 to go all out! The holidays 🎄 only come once a year; deck your house 🏡 in shades of blue, red or green. You can even turn it into a competition to see who decorates the most amount of rooms in record time. Get festive!


Settle in with Some Hot Cocoa ☕ and Netflix 🎬

snow, winter, weather, tree, season, Let's be real. You don't need the holidays as an excuse to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies.


Invest in a DIY Advent Calendar 📆 Kit

food, dessert, christmas decoration, christmas, There's nothing better than waking up to a sweet surprise 🎁 everyday. You can find really cute printable templates online.


Wake Your Love 💏 up with Breakfast 🍳 in Bed

, Nothing says "I love you" like a warm meal that was made with love ❤️.

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