10 Ways to Create New 🆕 Holiday Traditions 🎉 as a Couple 💑 ...

You've finally taken the plunge and are in a healthy, happy and committed relationship 💑. With the holidays 🎄 coming up, you're excited about spending time together 👫 but are stuck trying to finalize plans. One of your favorite parts about the holiday 🎇 season is getting to be a part of your partner's family traditions, whether it's baking delicious snickerdoodles 😋 with grandma 👵 or trimming the tree 🎄 with the kids. But even though you love his family, you've been itching to do something a little different this year. What better way to celebrate 🎉 your newfound happiness than by starting your own holiday traditions 🎇?

1. 'Tis the Season for a Winter 🎿 Cleaning

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Don't wait for spring 🍃 to revamp your place. There are two benefits to doing this. First, decluttering your house 🏡 (even if it's just one room) will help you relax and feel less stressed 😓 about pending holiday plans 🎅. It'll also give you an excuse to spend some much needed time together.

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