Ways to Deal πŸ™ when You Are in a Relationship πŸ’‘ but Crushing on 😍 Someone else 😬 ...


One of the best things about the heart is that it loves fiercely and freely, but one of the worst things about the heart is that this fierceness and freedom can sometimes pop up when you already happen to be taken! It’s not an uncommon thing at all to find that you have a crush on someone when you are already in a relationship, but when it happens to you it can be a really confusing and stressful time. What should you do? Who should you choose? Here are some ways to deal when you are in a relationship but crushing on someone else!

1. Don’t Nurture It

Out of respect for both yourself and your partner, don’t do anything to nurture the connection that you have with your crush. These kinds of feelings pass, it might just be that they came into your life at a particular time when you were feeling vulnerable, or annoyed, or bored, or any combination of different things. Thinking about them is one thing, actively seeking them out is another.



Mike Fabian
HEYYY β€œSUPERR~SICI”!!~ Wow, greatt effort & insights here! RELEVANT...TIMELY...Thank you MUCH, as LIFE finds me dealing with this issue, at the moment
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