5. Tell Her Your Concern

The best thing you can do with a friend who is obsessed with her boyfriend is to voice your concern. Tell her that you think she is spending too much time with him and you miss her. Chances are she did not realize that her relationship was affecting others and she will feel sorry. It might be hard, but voicing your concern is the first step in truly solving your problem.

Think about the Timing


I have 3 of my closest friends. Like out of my 5 best friends, 3 of them are obsessed. One of them never bothers speaking to me anymore, one of them i live with and still never see and she's all high ...
Mari Helliksen
I have a friend who always does this! Always! And when they break up, I'm always there. But when I need her in my life, like now, all she can think about is her boyfriend.. I'm so sick of it. What should I do?
Tracey Anne
I was talking to my friend and needed to and he called and she just walked off talking to him! I'm there for all the times of despair, but come time for me to talk, or want my things back, and bam nothing. Emotionally draining.
Denise Cristobal
Hey Zoze. That's awful! :(
My best friend of 4 years wont come to my 18th in 3 weeks because of her boyfriend of 1 month :'(
Sydney Evans
Like fr 🌏
@Jasmine yes! And I have a friend who's like this with her husband! He's invited to everything we do. And if somehow he isn't... His mother is. Ahhhhh!
So agree lol
We've all had a friend like this haha😜
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