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7 Ways to Deal with a Man-Snatcher ...

By Alison

In an ideal romantic world, people would respect boundaries and not show an interest in someone who is married or in a relationship. However, many of us have seen a man-snatcher in action. She’s the kind of woman who sees a married man as a challenge, or simply doesn’t care if he is spoken for. Should you be worried if one of these women targets your boyfriend? Here are some tips on how to deal with them.

1 Stay Alert

If someone shows an interest in your boyfriend, keep an eye on the situation. Is she a work colleague coming up with excuses to email or text him? Does she pretend to need a good friend because ‘he’s a nice guy’ or ask him to help her fix things around her house? Those can be a signs that she's attempting to manipulate him and make him feel needed.

2 Ignore

Women of this type sometimes get a kick out of causing problems between a couple. Maybe they don’t even really like the man, they just want to prove that they can have him. The answer can be to take no notice of her behaviour. If he is worth having, he will not respond to her. If he does, then you are well rid of a man who will flirt -- or do more -- with other women.

3 Show Confidence

It’s a good idea to demonstrate self-confidence, without being smug (which may make her more determined). So don’t indicate that she is bothering you, instead be quietly confident in yourself and your partner. He’s chosen to be with you, so why would he throw that away for someone else who isn’t exactly scrupulous?

4 Trust

If you can’t or don’t trust him, then maybe you have a problem with jealousy, regardless of the other woman. Maybe there are also signs that he is not being entirely honest with you. To a certain extent, you have to trust him not to respond to her advances, as you can’t watch him 24 hours a day. So be aware, but don’t be paranoid.

5 Let Go

Should the worst happen, and you discover that he has deceived you, then let her have him and move on, hard as that may be. This isn’t a competition, and she hasn’t ‘won’. What intelligent woman would want a man who could be lured away?

6 Be Nice

If a woman is after your man, you can be sure that she won’t like you because you are in the way. And one sure way of annoying someone who doesn’t like you is to be nice to them. This doesn’t mean that you pathetically try to make them like you, but that you treat her civilly and amicably. It might annoy her into giving up and going away.

7 History

Sometimes the situation is complicated by the fact that the man-snatcher and your man have a previous romantic history. A lot of people don’t like it if their ex finds someone new, and set out to sabotage the new relationship. What can you do? Well, first and foremost, your boyfriend should consider you his priority, and make it clear that he is not interested in rekindling an old flame. He should also avoid seeing her when you are not present. If he won’t do this, I would ask myself if he’s still interested …

It's hard to deal with this kind of situation, simply because it's awkward, uncomfortable, and worrisome all the way around. Remember that speaking honestly and openly with your boyfriend is a surefire way to deal with this issue, too. Have you ever had to deal with a man-snatcher, or have you set out to steal a man from someone else?

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