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Somewhere between entering your twenties and getting closer to thirty, you realise that all your friends are getting married and you’re left standing there, trying hard to deal with it. It doesn’t help that all these friends plaster every little detail about their wedding over social media and tell the world how lucky they are to have found their love while you’re still struggling to find socks that match in your cupboard! And so, if you’re tired of all the romance going around, read on about how you can deal with all your friends getting married!

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Throw an Awesome Singles-Only Party

All your friends are getting married? Deal with it by throwing the best singles-only party ever! Collect all the single friends you can, and celebrate your 'singlehood'. You can party all night long without worrying about mundane things couples worry about (like who will load the dishwasher once the party is over). Oh, and don’t forget to upload several dozen photos of this party onto Facebook!


Attend Weddings for the Free Alcohol

If you have to deal with all your friends getting married, the least you can do is have some fun right? And seriously, nothing makes weddings more fun than the promise of free alcohol. All you have to do is locate where the bar is and ensure that your glass is never empty. Who said weddings have to be boring eh?


Practice Your Polite Smile

Attend enough weddings as a single person and you’re bound to start being asked by people (even complete strangers) when you’re going to ‘settle’ down in life. And while the natural response to this is mild to severe cussing, the best thing to do is to smile politely and walk away. And to be able to do that, you need to practice your smile at home before you get to the wedding so you get it just right.


Exercise to Look Your Best

With all your friends getting married and getting busy with married life, you’ll probably find yourself with a lot more free time than before. Use it to exercise and work out. This way, not only do you make good use of your time, you also end up looking your fittest best for all the weddings to come!


Make up a Drinking Game

Each time you see a wedding photo on Facebook or a photo caption that has the word ‘love’ in it, you drink. Simple. And with the flood of wedding photos (we’ll have a baby photos drinking game in a later post) on Facebook all the time, you’ll have to keep plenty of alcohol available to you and get ready for a nice long drinking session! Perfect plan for a Saturday night, yes?

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Read Bridget Jones’s Diary

This, I find, is quite the best book to read when you’re bummed out about your single state and all your friends getting married. Bridget Jones is quite possibly the most real female character written. Her constant uphill struggle with her weight, smoking, drinking, quirky and interfering parents, nosy friends of her parents and of course, her single state is a fun, refreshing and relatable read. Pick up a copy today and you won’t be disappointed.


Make New Friends

This is not to say you dump all your married friends entirely. No. What you do need to do is go out and make some more friends to add to your list of people to hang out with. This way you’ll have single people to go out with instead of either being the only single person at the table or not being invited at all!

It’s not easy being single when all your friends are getting married. But with a little conviction, a bit of creativity and a lot of enthusiasm, you can make the best of this tricky situation. Dealing with all your friends getting married is best done with a laugh, a toast and the knowledge that you’re living a fabulous and super life! Know of any other ways to deal with all your friends getting married? Let us know too!

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Three of my friends are game married this month but I smiled congratulated them❤️^^

First one of my friends are getting married into now I just found out a few minutes ago that my third friend is Getting married

This is my exact situation at the moment.

I'm 24 and finding that people on my facebook who are my age are buying houses and getting engaged, and I feel like that should be happening to me sometime soon - sounds like a rat race and every now and then I worry about it - sigh.. I shouldn't be complaining cause it'll happen one day...

Omg!!! this is what's happening to me right now thank you for the tips

Well I need to have friends first and not just parents, who are totally controlling!

Sorry for the messy writing it's the autoCorrect

Got married at 21, divorced at 23. Stayed single until 44 and had a great time in between, traveled, partied, bought my own house, etc. don't worry so much about getting married, just live your life

Awesome article! Just what I needed ;-)

Travelling is a great. While everyone is getting married, go and see the world.

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