4. Talk about It

Having the conversations about the future and what you two are going to do during the college days is extremely important. If you are just finishing up your senior year or you are heading to college in the fall, talk to him about it! Who knows, he is probably panicking about what you two are going to do too!

Bring Him with You


I think the most important thing to know is that everyone is different. I'm leaving for college in a week, and my boyfriend and I are going to try the long distance thing out. We're both in it to win ...
@Kayla, Helllooo, yes I do understand the Single life style as well, sometimes you just have to go your own way in life! Although, thank you for the advice(: This topic gives me alot to think about!
@Heather, Hey Heather! Thank you for the help :) It is a very personal decision I have to make, Id like to take some time to think about it and talk more. I just want it to be best for my boyfriend an...
Hey Kayla! Thanks for the comment! I do think that people should try to work their relationship out and find what fits them best. If it was best for you and your ex boyfriend to split, that is abso...
@Heather, Heather, I don't think you know enough about April and her boyfriend to say that they "should DEFINITELY keep the relationship going." My high school boyfriend and I had been together for o...
Well my guy is leaving for college in a week or two, that is four hours away! We started dating and we have strong feelings for eachother, and we both trust eachother :) Its going to hurt to see him go!! So much!! Any Advice??
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