11 Ways to Distract Yourself from Calling Your Ex ...

One of the hardest things about a breakup is losing contact with someone who you were once so close to, so here are 11 ways to distract yourself from calling your ex, the next time you are thinking of getting back in touch with them. I’m not saying that you should never talk to them again, but calling up an ex on a whim can end in tears and normally doesn’t go the way you’ve planned. These are 11 ways to distract yourself from calling your ex that might help you to stop making that dreaded phone call the next time you think you want to talk to them.

1. Paint Your Nails

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This is probably the favorite of my ways to distract yourself from calling your ex. Every time that I start thinking about my ex and have an urge to call him, I paint my nails instead because I know there is no way I can call him without getting nail polish all over my phone, and I definitely do not want that! Also if you take the time and give yourself a proper manicure, it can take up and hour to do so by the time you’re all finished with your nails, hopefully your urge to call your ex has passed. Also you’ll be left with some gorgeous looking nails - and who can complain about that?

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