7 Not Totally πŸ’― Cruel 😈 Ways to Dump a Guy πŸ’” on Valentine's Day πŸ’˜ ...


Valentine's Day is a time for expressing your undying love for your partner and showering them with gifts--or for realizing that you're not actually with the right person. When you see a bunch of smiling couples on Valentine's Day and realize that you're not as happy as they are, there's no reason to wait for the breakup. You need to do what you need to do, even if the timing is horrible. Here are a few ways to dump a guy on Valentine's Day:

1. Hint Ahead

Hint Ahead

If you've been thinking about ending it with him for a while, you've hopefully given him some hints beforehand so that he's not totally caught off guard. Before you see him, tell him that you don't have much time to talk, so you just want to chat with him in your car for a while. That way, he won't end up dragging you on a romantic date that'll make it hard for you to tell him what he needs to hear.

Avoid Accepting Gifts


A wicked sense of humour, so appreciated
Vicky M
I did this a year ago and it was the best thing I have ever done !
Gratis Noir
This article shouldnt be here, this app is made for women not for the bitches.
Meg h
Or you could just wait for a week...
Do it on Valentine's Day only if he is a complete asshole. If not, we should be decent about it.
I highly recommend dumping someone on valentines day. People need to lighten up, it's just a Hallmark holiday.
If you want to break up with someone, don't do it on a special day. It's incredibly inconsiderate to do it because it ruins the day for them for the rest of their life.
Dumb. Why ruin Valentine's Day for someone for the rest of their life? Every year they will remember being dumped.
And DO do in a public place Rachel, so if he becomes violent, you'll have some back up. And don't let him back in your house. Ever.
Beryl Stokes
Yes Rachel- Danijela is right. Get out now ,no matter what the calendar says. There are lots of decent men out there looking for a lovely girl to care fore and treat like a queen. Good luck ! And repo...
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