7 Ways to Fight Fair in Your Relationship ...


7 Ways to Fight Fair in Your Relationship ...
7 Ways to Fight Fair in Your Relationship ...

Learning how to fight fair isn’t easy. I know that I have to back track a lot and reel myself in so that I fight fair in my relationship. If you are constantly fighting with your partner and you’re looking for ways on how to fight fair, I’ve got them! Below, I’m going to go over the top 7 ways on how to fight fair!

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Avoid the past

The first thing that you need to learn when you’re learning how to fight fair is a not bringing up the past. Trust me ladies, this one is really hard to do, but it's essential when you want to fight fairly. So, quit bringing up the past and I promise, you'll see a huge difference in how your man responds!


Work Together

Just because you are fighting doesn't mean that you can't work together to find a solution to the problem. Truthfully, this is probably the best way to work out the fight. Just remember, keep it calm, cool and collected and you'll see just how different it is to fight fairly!


Don’t Go to Bed Fighting

This is absolutely a rule in my house and should be in yours too! If you're fighting and it is close to bed time, it's so much better to resolve the fight and go to bed on good terms rather than have a horrible night's sleep and continue to fight. If you think that the fight needs to go on much longer than your bedtime, why not postpone it? Make time to talk the next day about the issue. Talk, not fight.


No-No Words

When it comes to learning how to fight fair there are words out there that you shouldn't use in a fight. Cursing at one another, name calling and even words like 'should' or 'shouldn't' are words that can be perceived poorly. Trust me, if you change your wording around, you'll see just how much of a difference it makes!


Hit It on the Head

With Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter out there, it's super easy to be passive-aggressive right? Don't. Ladies, one surefire way to make your man even more mad is by being passive-aggressive via social media websites. Just hit the nail right on the head and confront him. It'll make all of the difference!



In a fight, it can be super easy to just go off the handle in anger. If you take a few moments and just rationalize your attitude and why you are angry, it'll make all of the difference in the world. For me, I tend to go off the handle in anger a lot of the time, lately, I've been taking a few moments and we've gotten over fights in minutes rather than hours!


Don’t Attack

Finally, this is probably the biggest thing that you can take into consideration when you're learning how to fight fair. Don't attack your partner. In the end, you still love him right? No reason to really attack him when you're in a fight.

Every relationships has their ups and downs and every relationships have fights. It's all about learning how to fight fair though. Remember, you love your partner, so learning how to fight fair is very important. How do fight? Any relationship fights that stick out? Comment below!

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