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7 Ways to Find Closure from a Bad Relationship for Girls Struggling to Move on ...

By Lucy

You've just experienced a relationship that's ended badly but you still need closure in order to move on...we've all been there! Be this as it may, it's definitely not as easy as it sounds to find closure, so here are a few ways of how you can achieve it to point you in the right direction! ⏲ ⏱ ❤️

1 Don't Blame Yourself ❤️

One of the most important ways to find closure from a bad relationship is to remember not to blame yourself. Some people have a habit of always blaming themselves when something doesn't go according to plan, but you can try and minimise this kind of thinking by remembering that it takes two to tango (or at least two to get into the situation that you're in now) and so both of you are responsible for it, not just you!

2 Take What You Need from It ❤️

As you might have discovered for yourself, it's pretty hard to move on from a bad relationship if you haven't taken what you need from it first (if not impossible!). By this I mean, have a think about what it is you want to get out of this situation or relationship in order to move on. Do you need to have a talk with them in person to clarify and straighten things out? Do you need to have a couple of weeks or a month of space away from them to figure it out and then come to a decision?

3 Stay Open-minded ❤️

When you're going through a hard time with someone it can be easy to become closed-minded since nothing feels as though it's working out to the point where you basically end up feeling unsatisfied by the whole thing. If you think this might be happening to you it's time to stop it in its tracks right now! Remember to stay as open-minded as you can and don't forget about all the opportunities that are still out there for you. As they say, when one door closes another one opens!

4 Understand How You Feel ❤️

One of the key ways to find closure from a bad relationship is to understand how you feel. Although it might sound simple, understanding your emotions isn't an easy thing for everyone and it can take some time, so it's best not to be underestimated! It's true that you need to understand things first before you can consider moving on from it. After all, how can you possibly move on from something that you don't know how you feel about?

5 Listen to How They Feel ❤️

So after you've considered how you feel about this person and the situation at hand, it's time to listen to how they feel and this is also when you need to stay open-minded. They may not necessarily see the situation or the relationship the same way as you (in fact, two people will rarely have the exact same view of something - if ever) so this is something you will need to be prepared for when you listen to them.

6 Always Have a Plan B ❤️

It's always useful to think of a Plan B, since what we want first and foremost won't always happen. Having a Plan B or an alternative for each step along the way will ensure that you always have a plan, stay on the right path and know what you're doing at all times. It's true that people without plans are often the ones who end up getting lost or losing their direction, so make sure you're not one of them on your quest to find closure!

7 Stay Strong! ❤️

Last but certainly not least, it's really important to stay strong. No one understands trying to find closure from a bad relationship like the two people involved (others will only have an outsider's perspective), so it can definitely be a lot harder than it might sound or seem at first. However, don't let that phase you! If you stay strong and believe in yourself (sounds cheesy I know, but it's true) you can most definitely pull yourself through this tricky situation and find the closure you need to move on!

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