4. Get to Know Your Workmates

Typically, couples who meet at the office are more likely to end up marrying each other than any of the others. If you tend to keep yourself to yourself while at work, open up and get to know your colleagues, you might just find you’ve been working with your soul mate for two years! Start to eat lunch in the canteen, speak to those you have otherwise ignored before and invite yourself along to ‘after work drinks’.

Go on a Speed Date


Online dating a has been horrible for me!
Hmmm just let it happen. The saying goes love hits you when you least expect it. Don't go searching be happy with yourself, meet new people don't close yourself off and you never know. The more you chase it the more it evades you- that's what they say :D
Snarky Girl
Come on. These are great ways to meet people! But falling in love isn't planned or expected; it's just a miracle that happens on it's own time schedule!
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