7 Ways to Friendzone Your Guy Friend without Being Rude ...


7 Ways to Friendzone Your Guy Friend without Being Rude ...
7 Ways to Friendzone Your Guy Friend without Being Rude ...

If you have been recently searching for ways to friendzone your guy friend without hurting his feelings and being rude, you have come to the right place. Personally I think we have all been in this situation when a guy gets the wrong idea about your intentions. While you might have thought you found a good guy friend, he thought he was one step closer to winning your heart. Love is complicated in that way: you like someone who doesn’t like you back while that person likes someone else who doesn’t share his feelings. And it is not only the guys, us girls have been in their position too. So to get you out of that sticky situation, here are 7 ways to friendzone your guy friend.

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Be Oblivious

While he is throwing around flirty comments and other signals, it is crucial that you remain oblivious to what he says and just brush it off. In these moments, humor always comes in handy, so next time he drops hints about you two being in a romantic relationship, use your humor or say how you can’t imagine not having him as your friend. No matter what, never play along with the idea of a relationship if you have no intention of being in one with him. So one of the first ways to friendzone your guy friend is to dodge his romantic comments.


Don’t Send Him Mixed Signals

Under no circumstances should you give him a glimmer of hope if you are not interested in him. This can result in a lot of heartache and hurt feelings. However, I am completely aware that some people just have a flirty personality, so if you are one of those people, you might have to try harder to not break your friend's heart and let him down politely.


Remind Him of the Value of Your Friendship

If you are trying to let him know you are not interested in a romantic relationship without being completely upfront about it, you can always have several talks or drop a couple of hints about how much he means to you as a friend. Once you remind him the value of your friendship, he will hesitate putting it at risk and might change his mind about approaching you further.


Use KeyWords

If you feel like your guy friend might be getting the wrong idea, it is important to switch up keywords when talking to him. Try to throw in words such as ‘best friend’ and ‘brother.’ Most of the guys know that those key words spell out ‘just friends,’ so it is more than likely that he will understand what you are trying to say.


Limit the Usual Communication

If you are used to hanging out with your guy friend everyday and you tend to talk to him almost every five minutes over text, it is important to tone down your interaction. Once you show him that you are not completely dependent on communicating with him and you have other people in your life, it is more likely that he won’t try to pursue you.


Decline His Romantic Invitations

When the time comes when your friend decides to make a move and invites you to a hang out with a romantic overtone, make sure to decline his offer. Accepting it will just send him the ‘go-ahead’ signal and unless you are ready for it to get a little awkward, this is not something you want. When you do end up hanging out, try to spend time in groups or in a completely unromantic environment.


Talk about Other Guys

If you are open to him about the status of your personal life and let him in on how you feel about other guys, he will know that at this moment your heart and head are somewhere else. Don’t completely crush his heart with numerous details, but make sure he knows that you are either focused on someone else or completely fine being single.

Friendships with the opposite sex are hard, but they are completely possible. It might be easy to confuse friend love with romantic love, but unless you are ready to turn your friendship into something else everything should be okay if you follow this guideline. How do you friendzone your guy friend in a very polite way?

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Staggeringly bad advice. He'll translate anything ambiguous as 'still got a chance, just got to keep plugging away'. If you actually want to get the message across then be direct, blokes like that. Mind you even if you tell him that he's got zero chance and you're just using him as an emotional prop (he already instinctively knows this by the way) until you land someone you actually want, he'll still probably think 'hmmm, going to have to play the long game'. Which is either tenacious or tragic depending on your disposition.

This just helped me so much!! Thanking you from my heart ❤️

it sucks cause i do have a flirty personality.

My bestfriend wants me to break up with my boy friend so he can be my boyfriend. I like him too. But I have to think of him as a friend. For now.

This post saved me from an awful and awkward situation with my best guy friend.

I hope you girls enjoy your ice cream when same thing happens to you. Most girls feel is okay to reject guys but when is the other way around then is the end of the world. Put yourself in the same situation and treat it like the way you would want it to be dealt if you were on the other side

i need someones advice on insecurities

Good read. I have this friend with a romantic potential but I could not clearly spell what he's aiming at. A relationship based on how well and how far I'd go for sex. oh well, from the moment I knew what type of relationship he was digging in I just eluded him and avoided topics about getting into relationship.

I should have known this 2 months ago..:/

This helped a lot! I'm more of a flirtatious person so I'm sure I have given my guy friends the mixed signals. But now I will be cautious with my acting and use of words. Thank you!

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