4. Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips

Make him see your lips in a whole new light. Eat watermelon, and let it drip onto your lips. Apply a non-glittery lip balm, and let him see you do it. Pout a little. Use a lip plumper. Run an ice cube over your lips if it’s hot out. You get the idea!

Use a Ruse


But all these girls in his grade flirt with him and I have a good friend who likes him.. If she finds out she'll never talk to me again. I see him flirt with me sometimes when we're alone but never when other girls are around him.
here if you relly need help look me up on fb if you have one my is almira brambila and girl just find another guy like i did ;];];]
just go up to hih and ask him if he likes you more then him and it dont mater if he is a grade higher then you cuz i'm going out with a guy in a grade higher then me;];];];]
well i have two probloms 1 i have a boyfriend that relly loves alot and my boyfriends name is jesus and the second one is 2 my best friend jacod relly likes me to he always says oh that...
no just say that think he is relly cute and dont tell no ok and see what happens and then you will fell good in side cuz you where abel to tell him
try harder,start hanging out with him. let him know how much u care. ( and if he goes foe the sluts kick his ass!!!)
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