8. Kiss HIM!

If all else fails, and your guy just doesn’t seem to be getting the hint (the subtle and not-so-subtle ones), why not make the move on him? Kiss him! He might have been waiting for you to make the first move!

Flirt with Him


Heather Jensen
Hi Lilly! That does mean that he wants to kiss you or at least that he thought about it! Do you want him to kiss you?
Well I have this huge crush on this guy I work with. And I've been thinking about this all night. We've hung out a lot and text all the time but we aren't officially together...he asked me in a text "...
Ginny McKenna
@almira jacob is probably fooling around
Heather Jensen
Hi Chloe! He probably doesn't want to ruin your friendship. Have you tried to make a move?
Chloe LeMene
Hey all my bffs say that My best guy friend likes me. And thing is, I like him too. I feel like he's going to kiss me, then doesn't. We're always flirting, but I really just want him to grow a pair an...
Heather Jensen
Hi Shyy! Just talk to him. You've got to be honest, otherwise it is never going to work.
Hi i don't think i am interested in this guy that likes me help! I don't want to lead him on but at the same time don't want to seem like a b*****
Heather Jensen
Hi Someone! Have you tried to ask him to hang out with you? That might be a great way for you to really get to know him and take it to the next level!
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