4. Dress Strategically when It Comes to Colours

We all know how much men are attracted to the colour red, right? Well, knowing this piece of info can make it really helpful when it comes to knowing how to dress and what colours to wear around him. Wear the colour red as often as you can around him, as dressing in a bright, bold and vibrant colour is bound to get you noticed!

Be Confident. Self Assurance is a Real Turn on


Bhatt Neha
True gals 😎
This is a process! & I'll work hard to do it. Practice is the key! I'll be trying everything! I'll share results soo
@Teresa its never hard when u learn how to master it! Practice practice practice
It's hard indeed, especially when you like the guy. This is a great article though, pulling back does work. It is so important for us women to remember that WE are the prize and to just sit back and wait for our guy to win us over. Be confident ladies!
its really hard not to chase, but i guess im up for it... starting today! lolo
Perfect article! Confidence and being busy are such important things :)
I need to be busy with things other than study
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