7. Be Busy. Make Him Feel Special to Have Won Some of Your Time


This one is to be handled carefully. You don’t want to be too busy. However, you need to have a life and let him know that you do. Letting him be your whole world isn’t good for him or for you. This will only make you more attractive to him.

Have Patience β€˜Cos Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!


@Mabelle yea true, but not all girls are the same. Some girls are weak like me... some are strong and independent and that is exactly what men want. Again what you say is true, but we are just too weak sometimes I guess... especially when it comes to love
@Razoon, I think we shouldn't worry about him chasing us. In the first place, if the guy is really since, you wouldn't be n a situation where you're the one chasing
@Sally, I agree with you. Relationship is not a game and sincerity to both parties is needed to make it work
I did all of this and still he doesn't care about me he is driving me crazy
I know exactly what to do. But relationship ain't a game. Be real and be smart. Knows your values.
Lacie Nelson
So basically just ignore him all to gather… LOL
@Ngoc Phuong Nguyen read my story with my fiancé it'll probably help you🌸
Great article
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