4. Eating Seductively

Eating Seductively

Don't grab a banana or a lollipop and eat it seductively like you've seen other girls do in the movies. You won't look sexy. You'll just look silly.

Getting Friends to Ask Him out


I've done most of these and trust me they don't work. my crush stopped talking to me because of it
I have actually done like 3 of these already on my current crush. Haven't lost him yet though... I'm just hoping the damage is reversible.
I was my self and everything was fine till one day I don't know why but he just won't answer me back. I've given him space and still nothing. It's been 3 weeks and I don't know what to do.
Playing hard to get actually does work when done right.
No One Is Perfect
I have seriously done 90% of these
Just be yourself, if he doesn't like you than it wasn't meant to be.
Nice article n so true :)
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