15 Ways to Get Him 🧔 to Text You 📱 a Selfie 🤳 Every Day 📆 ...


If you are a much more visual person than literary or words based, then its safe to assume that you respond much brighter and stronger to photos and pictures sent by a partner or crush than simple messages. You will probably also have noticed that in comparison to women, men tend to send far fewer photos and selfies over messaging and social media, preferring instead to receive! If you want to change this dynamic in your life and start receiving more pictures for yourself, then here are fifteen ways to get him to text you a selfie every single day!

1. Be Involved

The more interest you show, the more interest he is going to show in return! If he feels like you are being really involved with his life and conversation, he is going to want to make more of an impact on you!

Less Emojis