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9 Ways to Get out of a Sex Rut ...

By Heather

Sex Rut problems happen. It's how you deal with a sex rut, is what will make your relationship that much stronger. I know that I have been in a sex rut before and it is not easy to get out of! If you have found yourself in a relationship where the sex is just not happening and where you are even finding an excuse not to have sex, you should take a look at the list I've compiled below!

1 Admit You Are in a Sex Rut

Just like when you are in AAA, you have to admit that you are in a sex rut in order to really accept it. It took me a really long time to finally admit that I was in a sex rut, but when I did, I found it easier to talk to the BH about it. It's a conversation that you're gonna want to have – seriously. I mean, look at me now, I'm blogging about my sex rut problems and helping others!

2 Sex Education

One of the biggest defenses against a rut like this is sexual education. I'm not talking about your high school sex ed class – I'm talking about you brushing up on some of the sexual tips and tricks that are out there. Kama Sutra anyone?


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3 Surprises Make All the Difference

Believe it or not, a lot of people actually just schedule in their sexual escapades (I'll get to that later), but a surprise really makes it worth it. The surprise could be anything from a new piece of lingerie all the way to a sexy meal cooked by you and … you for dessert. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

4 Choose a Different Place

Do you constantly have sex in bed? Why not switch it up a little bit? If you have a spare bedroom or even a couch in the living room, give it a try there! Switching up to all sorts of different places is a great way to keep the sex interesting. It works!

5 Engage in Pre-Sexual Activities

A lot of the time, foreplay is left and it is all about the big moment. Why not engage in a little pre-sex before the actual sex? It really does make all of the difference!

6 Don't Schedule Time – Just do It

Remember when I said that surprises make everything better? Don't schedule sex! It isn't something that should be a calendar appointment, it should be spontaneous. Like the way your man looks when he walks in the door? Pull him into the bedroom … or onto the couch!

7 Try Unique Positions

Do you always try the same exact positions? Why not switch it up a little bit? I can promise that it's going to be a different experience in every different position that you try.

8 Make Him Wait

While it might seem like this is a weird one – why wait when you are in a rut? Well, the truth is, you want him to want you. Sex is actually better after you make your man wait for a couple days. Just give it a few days between sexual encounters and promise, it'll be that much sweeter!

9 Up the Ante

Challenge one another! I know that this one works. You constantly want to keep each other on your toes in real life, why not have it in your sex life? Up the ante on one another and see who is the craziest!

Getting in a sex rut and staying in one is hard. It's a hard position to talk about, hard position to be in and hard to get out of. I know that these tips work, all you have to do is have an open mind! How do you ladies deal with a sex rut in your relationship? Do you have any tricks to spice things up?

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