8 Ways to Get out of the Friend Zone ...


Alright pretty ladies, I'm going to share with you 8 ways to get out of the friend zone. We all have those cute guy friends that we wish would see us as more than an asexual person they hang with, but have no idea how. It's so frustrating when all you want is the guy who calls you to go grab a beer to actually mean it as a date instead of as just "one of the guys." The following ways to get out of the friend zone are going to help you shine in a new light to these men, and who knows, maybe even score you someone you had put in the friend zone yourself.

1. Show You Are Wanted

This is the basic and most primal instinct for men. All a guy wants to see about a girl is that other men find her attractive, and want to pursue her. Once this happens, the natural competitive factor kicks, whether guys realize it or not. Just showing you are wanted by other men is a simple way to get out of the friend zone. Go out to a bar, play a game of dodgeball, go hang with your "friend" and his friends, just make sure to flirt it up with anyone who tries to hit on you! The attractive factor is not that important, the key is just igniting the caveman in your friend.

Don't Make the Effort


Heather Jensen
Anytime! Thanks for reading! :)
I am so glad I found this! I have been in the friend zone since like forever!!! Thanks to this things have start to speed up!!!!!!!😃
Mariam Aboutaleb
Now there is a guy that i like. We used to talk a lot but then my bestfriend kept saying bad things about me to him and stuff like that. Since then men and him haven't really talked a lot/ I don't rea...
Heather Jensen
HI Lyla! Firstly, why did he turn you down? I think you need to find that out first and then figure out if he really does like you ... and if he does, why did he reject you? After that, I'd go for it!
I was turned down by a ling distance friend and he said...he cannot date me..he likes me a lot but he wants to be good friends..but from his actions I think he likes me as more than a friend! He also ...
Thanks Imma Try It ! Some My Methods Havent Completely Failed !!! Lol ;)
Heather Jensen
Exactly! :)
Heather Jensen
Exactly! I completely agree Lana!
Heather Jensen
Hi Ashleigh! Sometimes, you gotta play hard to get just to ensure that the guy stays interested. I don't think you necessarily have to give him the cold shoulder all the time, but sometimes can be good!
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