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Ways to Get over a Break up with Maturity ...

By Neecey

You can wallow on your couch eating a gallon of mint choc chip, crying along to “your song” or you can deal with a break up like a grown woman. This means seeing your break up as the chance to make changes and rejuvenate your life. You can do this and you can come out the other side stronger and emotionally secure.

1 Unfriend on Facebook

Unfriend on Facebook It might seem a little bit childish, but trust me. The last thing you want to see is your ex moving on quickly with a new woman when you are still in mourning for the old relationship. Out of sight, out of mind.

2 Have Some Time to Think

Have Some Time to Think Don’t immediately agree to staying friends. The manner of the break up and how hard it is might make it more suitable for you both to cut all ties and move on separately.

3 Don’t Drink Alone

Don’t Drink Alone Do go down the Bridget Jones route of getting drunk alone. You’ll only end up sadder than before. If want to open the wine, make sure you call some friends for company.

4 Give Your Phone to a Friend

Give Your Phone to a Friend If you’re planning on having a drink with friends, give your phone to one of them to avoid embarrassing or desperate drunken texts to your ex!

5 Start Working out

Start Working out Starting a new workout regime is a great way to help take your mind off the break up, and you get the bonus of a toned body in the process!

6 Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors It’s a great idea to get out in the fresh air during a break up period. It’s not healthy to lock yourself indoors with greasy hair and comfort food!

7 Give Yourself Some Time

Give Yourself Some Time Don’t rush straight in to a rebound encounter to try to get over your ex. It will more likely just compound your emotions and add a complication.

8 Take It Slow

Take It Slow When you do finally decide to start dating again, take it slow. Let the new relationship grow naturally; don’t rush it to the point that your last one was at.

9 It’s Okay to Cry

It’s Okay to Cry Don’t try to be strong and hold in the tears. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that having a good cry can have a cathartic effect and make you feel better.

10 Stay Away from His Friends

Stay Away from His Friends Take a break from any of his social circle that you might have got friendly with during the relationship. They will naturally have taken his side and you don’t need that hassle.

11 Don’t Plan Revenge

Don’t Plan Revenge Getting revenge on a cheating ex might seem healing at the time, but all it does is prevent you from getting full and proper closure.

12 Write down Your Feelings

Write down Your Feelings If you are creatively minded, write a bunch of emotional letters telling your ex exactly how you feel. Don’t send them, obviously, but the physical act of putting words on the page can be therapeutic.

13 Don’t Vent Online

Don’t Vent Online Don’t head to Facebook and hang out all of your dirty washing for your friends to see. Keep it personal and deal with it like an adult. Don’t go throwing mud and insults around online.

14 Take a Bath

Take a Bath The healing powers of a good hot bubble bath should not be underestimated. It allows you to escape for 30 minutes and relax.

15 Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t Blame Yourself If you know the break up wasn’t your fault, don’t let your hurt mind trick you in to thinking it was.

16 Find a Mantra

Find a Mantra Find a phrase that you can repeat to yourself when you get a pang of sadness, something like “I’m better off without him…” is perfect.

17 Time for Some Binge Watching

Time for Some Binge Watching We can all do with a little escapism during a break up, so head to the couch and pick a TV show to binge watch for a day or two.

What did you do after your worst breakup? How well did you handle it?

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