Pro Tips to Get over a Fuckboy ...

By Myra โ€ข

Pro Tips to Get over a Fuckboy ...

Are you looking for some ways to get over a fuck boy?
Everyone has learned at one point or another, on their quest to find Prince Charming, that they just ended up with a Prince Hans. I have had my share of f$ckboys and no girl should be ashamed of that! There are no scientific ways to avoid them, spot them because letโ€™s face it...dudes are great actors! *AND THE EMMY GOES TO*โœจ๐Ÿ† Here are two genius ways to get over a fuck boy.

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Gain Confidence

Yes, the deadly C word everyone wants but is scared to possess. It is okay to fall COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF! Look in the mirror and tell yourself every day you are that BITCH! Give yourself compliments because if you canโ€™t love yourself, how will anyone else know how to? That's one of the best ways to get over a fuck boy.


Have Standards

I am a high maintenance type of chick myself and I enjoy the lavish things in life. Truffle oiled grilled cheese, expensive champagne! Why the hell not? There are guys who claim to be homebodies when really they are either too lazy to take you on a wonderful date or they donโ€™t want to be caught by the other women they are talking to.

All in all, it is a new year but fuckboys will still remain the same, but you have to stay ahead of the game and know your worth. I had stopped believing in true love, but once I got rid of that lame idea, I kept hope alive. If true love did not exist, then why do we have all these romcoms?

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