8 Ways to Get over the Revenge Phase of a Break up ...


Dealing with revenge after a breakup is hard! It's actually one of the worst stages of grief when you are going through a breakup. No matter what your ex has done to you, you don't want to resort to revenge tactics. With that in mind, we're going to explore the top 8 ways to get over the revenge after a breakup stage. So ladies, let's see how we can get out of the revenge after a breakup stage easily!

1. Talk about the Break up

Breaking up and going through the grieving stages of a breakup is hard. That's why talking about the breakup and getting it all out in the open is really a great idea. This will also help you get past the revenge after a breakup phase, as it can actually relieve some of the stress and pain that you feel when you're going through a breakup.

Have a Support Group


Heather Jensen
You will, I promise, it just takes time. :)
lala Rabiyyah
It's been 4 months, will I ever get over him????
Heather Jensen
Hi Skyler! Have you tried to talk to him about it? I know it's hard, but it might be worth it just for some closure purposes.
Skyler Bourque
But what do I do if he is trying to seek revenge on me? Make me miserable, plain hateful, or trying to make me jealous...especially when it works... I'm not sure how to handle it :-/ but at least I know I'm better than seeking out revenge myself
Skyler Bourque
Really needed this :)
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