4. Introduce Yourself

It might be hard the very first time that you get your crush alone, but you've got to introduce yourself. Don't ever assume that he knows your name or even who you are. Chances are, he doesn't and you need to really make yourself shine and shimmer when you get him alone for the first time!

Keep It Casual


Heather Jensen
Hi! I'd say that you should try to just get him alone, maybe try to bump into him outside of class. That could work!
I like a guy in the directly opposite class as mine. We share the same P.E. timings once a week and he's still at the stage where he thinks girls are gross. He always hangs around his guy friends and ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Kaitlin! I'd definitely say you should up the flirting a bit! That'd be a great way to put yourself out there!
Kaitlin Baxley
@Heather Jensen thank you! what would you suggest? I want to show him I like him without being to forward
Heather Jensen
Why not bake him something and bring it to him? Christmas gift! :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Chatz! Honestly, I think that you need to move on -- there are tons of support groups out there that can help, but you definitely don't want to mix with a second cousin. :)
I like this boy who's with me in almost every class but I never sit close to him. I always look at him from far and we've never talk because we are both shy.. I tried to talk to him at Facebook but he...
I'm in love with my second cousin. And I don't have any idea on how to say what I feel about him. Because I'm afraid that he'll try to convince me that we're cousins and nothing more.
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