7 Ways to Handle Living Apart from Your Partner ...


Living apart from your partner is not what you want from a relationship, but sometimes it is forced upon you by circumstances. Perhaps one of you is in the military or had to take a job in another city. If your partner is from another country you may also have to wait for them to be granted permission to join you. Whatever the reason, it isn't easy to keep a relationship going - and it can be very stressful. So if you're living apart from your partner, here are some tips on how to cope …

1. Regular Communication

When living apart from your partner, regular communication helps. It's really easy nowadays; there are numerous ways of keeping in touch, such as Skype, email and Whatsapp. But don't just stick to online communication. Sending each other letters and parcels can help you feel closer and it's always a pleasant surprise to receive mail.



I have been apart from my partner for 7 months now and there still 11 to go. We have found it rather ok. I make effort to head back home as much as possible and send him postcards wherever I may be in...
I'm on vacation for a month apart from my partner. It is hard but the time limit kinda helps. This topic came in the right time. Thank you.
yes im in a ldr now. its difficult but i have fallen for him totally. so when that happens as we all know , the distance and all the annoying things just dont seem to matter. i would like to be w...
Wanita Brown
Yeah it wasn't pleasing at all
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