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5 Simple Ways to Have More Orgasms ...

By Sici

Are you not fully satisfied with your love life and looking for ways to have more orgasms? Love is, of course, about much more than just the physical act of sexual intercourse, but when it’s good, it can open up a whole new level of intimacy for you and your partner. When it’s bad, it can be something that proves detrimental to the connection that the two of you share. If you are looking for some ways to have more orgasms to improve your sex life, then look no further than these five simple things.

1 Take Charge

If sex has become somewhat stale and unimaginative, then don’t be afraid to switch up the dynamic and take control of the situation! Rather than having your partner do all the work, be bold and confident and choose positions that you find most pleasurable, give verbal encouragement and suggestions to spur on your partner. After all, he wants to make sure you are as satisfied as possible! Taking the reigns is one of the best ways to have more orgasms.

2 Give Guidance

Following on from the previous point, if your partner has been doing things in a certain way that bring you little to no pleasure, then it’s your responsibility to tell him that it isn’t working for you. It obviously isn’t his intention to be giving you a bad or boring time, so voice your opinion, give guidance on how he can make it better, and both of you will be happier because you will be receiving pleasure and he will be proud to give it to you!


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3 More PDA

Couples who have been together for a long time often tend to see a drop in their displays of public affection and a reduction in the act of kissing and making out overall. Pretend like you are teenagers again and indulge in a makeout session that doesn’t go any further than that. You might find that a youthful desire is ignited within you once again due to the restrictions that you have placed. Going straight to the act of sex can sometimes become unexciting. Build those embers into flames again.

4 Try Something New

You might think this is an old chestnut piece of advice that is wheeled out for just about any topic, but that very fact means it is worth listening to. it is easy for couples to fall into a routine, to follow the same moves and the same positions. Go ahead and try something new. Whether it’s a new position, a sex toy, watching a movie or playing with food, just shake things up.

5 Pleasure is Priority

You should never get to the point where you are just having sex with you partner as a duty and to "get it over with." If you are not experiencing pleasure, then you need to let that be known. The last thing your partner wants to do is feel like he is being selfish in the bedroom, so make sure that he knows what to do to give you the pleasure that you deserve.

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