7 Ways to Help Your Guy Stop Snoring ...


7 Ways to Help Your Guy Stop Snoring ...
7 Ways to Help Your Guy Stop Snoring ...

Ways to Help Your Guy Stop Snoring are something many of you can probably use at some point. I'm not going to lie-I can't sleep with somebody who snores! It's so hard for me to just relax and fall asleep when the person next to me is using a chainsaw all night long! I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there with this little difficulty, so I thought it would be a good idea to write an article with ways to help your guy stop snoring! I bet there are plenty of guys out there who snore and would like to stop, and plenty of women who would love it if they did! It's not a very hard problem to take care of. There are a few simple tricks and tips you can follow to nip your guy's snoring in the bud! I sympathize with you if you have this problem and so, without further ado, I present 7** **ways to help your guy stop snoring!

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Cut Back on Alcohol

The first way to help your guy stop snoring is to cut back on alcohol. Too much alcohol consumption causes snoring because the tissues in the throat relax and vibrate against each other. So you want encourage your man to cut back on the beers, and especially close to bedtime. He will probably be a little hesitant, but as with all things, be gentle, loving and understanding when you explain that you only want him to get better sleep and he will more than likely be agreeable! Besides, you will enjoy cuddling more without the beer breath!


Pile up the Pillows

An odd, but for-sure way to help your guy quit snoring is this: Have your honey stack up two pillows instead of the usual one. It may sound a bit odd, but the more upright he sleeps, the less chance there is that his throat tissues will fall against each other, closing his throat and causing snoring. If he's not keen on feeling like his head's on a mountain of pillows, you could try buying and extra fluffy or extra firm pillow that's a bit larger than normal. Just slip it onto his side of the bed and he may never notice!


Take a Steamy Shower

Here's one way to help your guy stop snoring that I'm sure he won't mind, especially if you volunteer to join him! Congestion is one big source of snoring that often gets overlooked, so taking a hot, steamy shower will help open up his nasal passages, allowing him to breathe better. And you can sit a bowl of peppermint oil on the bathroom sink during your "sauna" experience, or have him drink some peppermint tea since peppermint is a natural de-congestion aid. In fact have some yourself! It will help relax you before bedtime so you can fully enjoy your snore-free night!


Have Him Sleep on His Side

Studies have shown that sleeping on your back encourages snoring more so than any other position. That can be a bummer since most guys sleep on their backs-but if your guys loves you and wants the best for his health as well, he'll make the switch. Have him sleep on his side and curl up to him in a spooning position. This well help ensure that he doesn't roll over onto his back in the middle of the night without realizing it. You can also try the Sona Pillow-a pillow designed to keep him from rolling onto his back.


Clean Your House

All right, I can see some of you rolling your eyes on this one! But it's legit! Cleaning your house may be a way to help your guy stop snoring. How? Well, some snoring can be caused by allergies. Dust, pollen and other things floating around can really irritate us allergy-prone people. I know, because I'm one of them! So give your house-or bedroom at least-a good deep cleaning. Dust, vacuum, wash your sheets with an allergy-approved detergent, shake out curtains and rugs and make sure your air fresheners are all natural. That might make all the difference!


Cut Back on Dairy

If none of these tips are working, there may be other ways to help your guy quit snoring. Extra lax tissue around the airways and dairy products can also be to blame. Dairy products cause some people to produce a mucus that encourages snoring, so have your guy ease up on dairy products three hours before bedtime to see if that helps. Also, have him hit up the gym more often! The more physically fit he is, the less his chances of snoring will be.


Try Drugstore Remedies

As a last resort, there are always drugstore remedies as a way to help your guy stop snoring. Breathe Right Strips are probably the top ones that I would recommend! They really work well. How ever, Neti Pot and Max-Air Nose Cones are great remedies to try as well! The ZQuiet is a retainer like device that fits into his mouth to prohibit snoring. You can check out reviews to all these products online.

I can promise you with absolute guarantee that you are not the only woman in the world who has a man that snores! These ways to help your guy stop snoring will help you get some great results, so give them a try! You will sleep more peacefully, and he will be glad that he could help you out. Just remember to approach the subject softly. You don't want to hurt his feelings! But you do want to help him. So please give these ways to help your guy stop snoring a try. Both of you will be impressed and satisfied, guaranteed! Do you know any other ways to help your guy stop snoring that may be helpful?

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