7 Ways to Hint You're Ready to Move Forward in Your Relationship ...


Sometimes guys can be a little dense when it comes to making relationship decisions, and may need a few signs you are ready to move forward in a relationship before he makes any big decisions. The trick is to not make him feel pressured to move forward if he's not ready or else your relationship will run into problems later down the road. The best way to share your feelings about moving forward with your guy is by having good communication in your relationship. But when all else fails, try out these 7 ways to hint you're ready to move forward in your relationship.

1. Bring up a Recently Engaged or Married Friend

The bad thing about Facebook is that you can see when everyone gets engaged and married. If you are waiting around for your guy to pop the question, this can seem like a painful jab in your side. However, use these posts for good instead as hints you are ready to move forward in your relationship. If someone you know gets engaged only months after being together, use it as an excuse to ask your boyfriend how long into a relationship he believes someone should propose. This will give you some insight as to when he may be planning to propose to you. If his answer seems to be a lot different than your own, be sure to let him know how soon you think is ideal.

Give Him a Drawer
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