3. Gears of War Series

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Gears Of War is another Xbox exclusive game that’s more gruesome and bloody than Halo. You have chainsaw weapons, foul language, an array of alien creatures, and exploding heads. This game isn’t for the faint of heart ladies. It’s mean, gritty, and has a whole bunch of attitude. The story kicks off as a team of human soldiers fighting invading aliens in a war in order to save mankind.

I guarantee you your guy has probably played this at some point of his life. Guys like violence, action, and a lot of blood. This game can be fast paced and requires strategy in order to master it. It’s online mode or multiplayer mode are probably the most exciting features of the game. Each wave consists of a certain class or amount of aliens you have to kill. As you progress, the waves become more difficult to the point where you face bigger enemies. If you play this, get ready to see tears in your guy’s eyes.

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