7 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive when You Can't Get a Sitter ...

When you can’t get a sitter, you have to get creative with ways to keep the romance alive. Ideally, you would go out on frequent dates where you could have adult time to reconnect and enjoy things like dinner at a nice restaurant. But when that isn’t possible, you have to come up with a plan B. This list is chock full of ways to keep the romance alive when you can’t get a sitter.

1. Take Them with You

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Taking your children with you is nowhere near the same thing as going out alone but you can still have a good time. You may have to change your plans a bit to include something for the younger set but it can still be a fun evening out. My husband and I dated amidst three young children and fell in love in between caring for all of them. One of the best ways to keep the romance alive is to be determined to have your time together, one way or another. It is great when you are determined to spend time together, no matter the odds.

2. Put Them to Bed Early

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Another way you can have your time for romance is to put the kids to bed early. You can make the kids an early dinner and make something for the adult palate for the two of you to dine on later. Light some candles or cuddle up together in front of the fireplace. You could play cards or sit and talk without being constantly interrupted. The point is you are scoring some valuable alone time.

3. Send Him a Sexy Text

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One great way to keep the romance alive is to send him a sexy text. This is a great way to make sure he thinks about you the rest of the day. Let him know what you have planned for him when he gets home. Tell him what you love about him the most. If you are feeling really daring, you could send a sexy picture to provide some eye candy.

4. Go to a Drive in

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Everybody loves a drive in movie, don’t they? The good thing about going to the drive in is they generally show a family movie first, followed by a movie for an adult audience. This was undoubtedly set up with parents in mind. Many times children will fall asleep during their movie simply because it is their bedtime or because they are bored when the adult movie comes on. Once they do, you have your coveted alone time.

5. Have Movie Night in Two Separate Rooms

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This is a great way for Mommy and Daddy to have fun as well as your children. Rent some movies that your children will enjoy as well as some the two of you want to see. Get the kids all set up to watch theirs and take yours into a separate room. Everybody is having fun and you are getting some much needed privacy. If you are lucky, it will be just like being home alone. You may even forget you aren’t.

6. Buy an I’m Thinking of You Gift

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Nothing says that you are in someone’s heart like a gift for no other reason than you are thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant to send the message that you care. Sometimes, just a card and your partner's favorite candy is gift enough. It really isn’t what you give, it is the fact you are letting someone know that you thought of them and want to make them happy. I have yet to see an I’m thinking of you gift not accomplish this purpose.

7. Remember This is Temporary

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Try not to be discouraged when you are trying to keep the romance alive and you haven’t had a sitter for months. I have been there. I really get how frustrating it can be. Despite your love for your children, you need alone time as a couple. The best thing to do is keep a positive attitude and keep searching for a sitter you trust.

Although it is difficult to keep the romance going when you haven’t been out in months, it can be done. What are some ways you keep romance alive when you can’t get a sitter? What helpful hints could you give to others in that situation?

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