8. Moving in Together

We all know how clear a sign your relationship is serious is if you're moving in together. The fact you have entered into that vulnerability and comfortability factor at the same time is a major step in a relationship. I only recommend moving in with someone if you plan on being with them for the long haul. It is a really difficult situation to walk away from if you break up.

It makes it even harder to break up too.

After reading all these tips I hope you got some clarity on where you stand with your man. Maybe you weren't showing him how much you really cared about your relationship, or maybe things aren't as intense as you thought they were. Either way, keep these signs in mind when wanting to take your relationship to that next level. Give the control to your man, that way you don't have to worry about scaring him off too soon.


Tiffany Ambz Bradford
This will help me keep an eye out for players haha 🃏🔪
Boyfriend is really Inlove with Me.. And Im proud!:)
Funny but true
Rebecca Lee Lanier
Or your pet could tear your apartment up while your on a trip and you have to get rid of it
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