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13 Ways to Know if You're Ready for a Relationship ...

By Faiza

Starting a new relationship is never easy. Many women approach them with a lot of caution, skepticism, and fear—especially when still attached to a past one that may have ended in a lot of heartbreak, like mine did. We ask ourselves, «Am I moving to another relationship too fast? Am I ready? Do I really like him or is this a rebound?» Here are some ways to know if you’re ready for a relationship.

1 I’M READY to MOVE on

One of the most important ways to know if you’re ready for a relationship is to know you’re over your last one. If you’re still clinging to the memories linked to an ex, then you’re probably not ready to start fresh with a new relationship. If you’re successful at flushing him entirely out of your system, then you’re ready to start anew.


When you can say, «I know exactly what I’m looking for in a man,» then you’re ready for a relationship. You know what you want and don’t want. I like to tell girls that this is knowing your Turn Ons & Turn Offs. When you know what you want, what you’re willing to accept or reject in a man, you’re ready to start looking for someone who fits the mold.


No relationship is without sacrifice. You have to be willing to sacrifice small parts of yourself for a successful relationship. By no means does that mean losing who and what you are but rather sacrificing the things we so stubbornly cling to. For example, I had a friend who refused to be with any man who didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. She ended up meeting a man with brown hair and brown eyes who may not have matched her «Prince Charming» criteria, but treated her like a Queen. She sacrificed this «Must Have» attribute and has been happily married for three years now.


One of the most important signs in knowing you’re ready for a relationship is approaching one fearlessly. Stop asking yourself questions or clouding your thoughts with, «What if it doesn’t work?» «What if he dumps me?» «I don’t want to get close to him because I don’t want to be hurt again.» When you can put fear aside and approach a relationship with an open mind and heart, you know you’re ready to get into a relationship.


It’s very important for a single woman to be comfortable on her own. A man isn’t needed to complete or save you. You’re fine all by yourself. When you can say, «I’m alright not being in a relationship,» you’re probably ready to get into one.

6 I GOT ME under MY SKIN

Being comfortable with who and what you are is crucial to moving into a relationship. This goes hand in hand with confidence, but it’s also about loving yourself inside and out. Every part of who you are brings you joy—even if the things you love may not be exactly what you want. For example, I wish instead of having Minus As I was at least a B cup, but I’ve learnt to love and appreciate my bust size, even if it isn’t exactly what I wish I had. When you can get to the point that you have YOU under your own skin—then you’re ready to get into a relationship.


When you can say to yourself, «I want a relationship, I don’t need one,» you’re ready to get into one. If a woman feels she needs to be in a relationship just to feel happy and nothing else seems to fulfill her, then she needs to step away from the dating zone and back into one that finds her reevaluating herself and HER wants and needs.

8 The Search is off

The person who is the most ready for a healthy relationship is someone who has called off the search for 'the one'. Instead of pursuing a potential partner and seeking a lover in everyone that comes their way, they take the time to focus on themselves. They follow their own passions and do things that make them the happiest. It's interesting how the second you stop looking for love, it will immediately come your way.

9 Not Afraid to Take a Risk

Before jumping into a relationship, it is important to realize that not every aspect of it is chocolates and roses. There are always ups and downs in a relationship, so every woman has to be brave enough to put her feelings out there with a chance of getting hurt. There are certain risks that come with love and someone who is ready for it is not afraid to take a chance.

10 Selfless toward Others

Being in a relationship requires a lot of empathy and selflessness. You are no longer just looking out for yourself so you have to work hard to look beyond your desires and needs to make your partner happy. At times you might have to put his feelings before yours, therefore you need acquire patience and kindness. The second you grasp the concept of "we" instead of "me", you are well on your way toward a healthy and happy relationship.

11 Stable Inner Circle

You know you are ready to enter a romantic relationship when you have surrounded yourself with people that you can trust. You are confident in your friends and family, and you are happy with your inner circle. After all, one person can't be your everything so before entering a relationship you have to make sure that other people besides your partner have your best interests in mind.

12 Step out of the Comfort Zone

Serious romantic relationships often require that you step out of your comfort zone and bend your personal rules. You will need to keep an open mind and expand that comfort box that you have been living in. Relationships are about making compromises and going out of your way. Whether it is traveling to another country or making important decisions, you should not be afraid to push your boundaries.

13 You Have Time

The last sign that seals the deal is that you have TIME for a relationship. If you are constantly preoccupied with your job, family or school and barely have time to communicate with others, this might not be the best time for a new relationship. Once you clear out your schedule and are ready to put in time into another person without shutting them out, you will know that you are completely ready to throw yourself into a romantic relationship.

It’s perfectly normal to approach a relationship with caution. Keep your eyes open and listen to your gut, but don’t build walls that can’t be brought down. IF you can check each and every one of the 7 listed—you need to go to your closet, grab your best dress, sexiest heels, and your best lip-gloss and strut your stuff because you’re ready to start fresh and find someone. Know that you’re worthy of an amazing relationship and in turn you will be rewarded with a man who honors you and ready to start an amazing relationship that may turn from a walk downtown to a walk down the aisle.

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