2. He’s a Flirt

Whether he does it in front of you or you’ve heard he does it when you’re not around, this is a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If he’s flirting while in your presence, he just can’t help himself. Consider this a sign of extreme disrespect. Don’t make excuses for him. Can you think of a couple that has a strong relationship that you admire where the guy flirts? This doesn’t mean your guy can’t be friendly, but deep down, you know the difference between friendship and flirtation.

Caught in a Lie


Irene Kim
He doesn't know how to handle his neediness and some times working with him understanding a little about psychology can help him. Before with the other guy I couldn't because i didn't have the information that i need to get out of where I was.
Irene Kim
A woman is pretty great at distinguishing when her man is doing something he shouldn't and he doesn't fess up. It makes him look worse. Just tell the truth. Don't hide or run. I was in another relatio...
Julia Kovtoun
I think this might be where my relationship is now... :(
Tracy Garrett
@Irene Kim, Thanks for sharing! It IS exhausting and I think you made a very good point. A good relationship shouldn't be exhausting. It should be lighthearted and fun, and can't wait to see each othe...
Irene Kim
Yeah my relationship with my man was like this. I have had so much on my life when I found out because the lies and manipulation and everything was going on i was exhausted because he could not tell m...
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