7 Ways to Learn Your Insecurities ...


7 Ways to Learn Your Insecurities ...
7 Ways to Learn Your Insecurities ...

Insecurities. We all have them don't we? I know that I am insecure about a lot of things, but it's hard to admit some of your insecurities isn't it? Through my own experiences, I've learned the top 7 ways to learn and even conquer your own insecurities.

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Know Your Fears

Knowing your own fears and admitting them to yourself is hard. I know that when I was on my journey to find out all of my insecurities, one of the biggest things that I had to face was my own fears. So ladies, ask yourself, what are some of the biggest fears that you have about yourself? Is it your body type? Is it the way you look? What about your personality? These are all common fears and insecurities that a lot of women face and once you know your fears, you'll be able to admit them to yourself.


Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is the next step after identifying with them. Facing your fears could be as simple as telling yourself that you're beautiful every single day. Even if at first, you don't believe it – keep trying it, I promise that it'll make all of the difference in the world!


Seek Advice

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to face your fears and for you to actually confront some of the insecurity feelings that you might be experiencing. Sometimes you need help. Don't be scared to talk to a close friend, your mom or even just your spouse. It can make all of the difference!


Be Honest

One of the toughest things that I had to learn about myself, is being honest with myself. When you're doing these deep explorations inside yourself, you have to be honest. Remember ladies, it's all about finding your insecurities and conquering them!


Be Open Minded

Even though you're being honest with yourself, you also want to be open minded. Some of the insecurities that you're probably learning how to face can be things you haven't even thought about in a long time. These fears and insecure items could be things that you've pushed all the way to the back of your brain. So go into this being completely and totally open minded!


Talk about Your Insecurities

I know that I mentioned seeking help above by talking to close friends and even your spouse, but if you are really having a hard time unlocking some of your insecure thoughts, you might want to seek professional help. I know that when I was having a hard time, I talked to a therapist for a while and it helped! If you aren't comfortable uncovering some of those insecure thoughts with a therapist, don't worry, there are tons of books out there that can really help you face your fears!


Open up

Finally ladies, you have to be open with yourself. Everyone is insecure about something and you just have to understand that being open with yourself, is important. You want to feel confident most of the time and facing your fears is the first step!

Insecurities are not exactly a fun thing to deal with, but they are something that you do have to learn how to handle. If you are so insecure with your thoughts and yourself, it's hard to make a connection with someone else. So ladies, what insecurities do you have? Any advice on how to help work on them?

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I'm really awkward in front of people I don't know very well I just don't know what to say but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to make a couple new friends luckily I'm best friends with my crush:) but he has a girlfriend and a couple of my friends (who don't know I like him) bet him $50 EACH (four of them) that he would break up with her and find someone else, just because he changes girlfriends I know people don't really care, but I like him soo much maybe even love him I've been chasing him through his 4 girlfriends (when I said change girlfriends, I meant changes them really fast, my keyboard is being stupid so I can't go back and fix it) I know he doesn't think of me as more than a friend but quite honestly I can't help but wish.....

i know this may be off topic but my boyfriend of 5 months say he needs some space. does this mean he wants to break up?

I get insecure that people won't think I'm smart or right. This occasionally makes me act like a know-it-all or talk way too much. It's a silly insecurity, especially because I was always a top student and people respected me for it. I try to remind myself that I don't always have to hit people over the top with my brains, and that it helps to step back and listen to others too. I probably won't come off as dumb no matter what- no need to act obnoxious. This article was good food for thought.

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