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There are several ways to let your guard down but none of them will completely shelter you from hurt and pain unless you learn how to adapt without closing off. Over the course of a couple of years I have stumbled upon several people who don’t seem to let anyone in. They socialize and have friends, but they don’t completely open themselves up and let other people truly connect to them. Yes, they might have been repeatedly let down by people but not everyone is there to disappoint them, therefore it is important to open up at some point. So if you are in a familiar situation, here are some ways to let your guard down.

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Find the Right People to Trust

It is easy to lose hope in all of humanity if you have been disappointed and let down by some of the most important people in your life. However not everyone is like that and there are other great people you can rely on if you let them get to know you. Don’t be afraid to connect with people because once you find someone who you can trust and rely on, you won't feel the need to keep to yourself. One of the ways to let your guard down is to surround yourself with good people.


Get out of Your Comfort Zone

If you are used to keeping to yourself, it is time you experiment by taking risks. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but you could slowly begin doing things you haven’t done before. For example, admit your feelings to someone, socialize with a new group of people and try to loose your fear of getting hurt by slowly exposing yourself and communicating.


Let Your Feelings Show

Don’t be afraid of sharing your feelings with your friends and family. Letting them know what you are feeling and thinking can be cathartic and they can give you valuable advice. Don't worry, you can still keep some things to yourself without completely shutting yourself off from others.


Opening up allows for a deeper connection with the people who matter most. Remember, it's okay to be vulnerable sometimes. Expressing your emotions is a natural and healthy practice that can actually strengthen your relationships. By communicating your feelings, you're providing an opportunity for others to understand you better and offer support when you need it. Just be selective and share with those who respect your feelings and have your best interests at heart.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable

Some people feel the need to build a façade of a strong and independent person. Although there is nothing wrong with it, there is also nothing wrong with showing vulnerability. You don’t always have to be on your toes. Don’t be afraid of appearing weak and helpless because there is also strength in showing vulnerability.


Showing vulnerability isn’t just about sharing your fears or insecurities; it's about opening up to others and building true connections. When you allow yourself to be genuine, you enable those around you to understand you better. This can lead to deeper bonds and a supportive network that’s valuable when you’re in need. Embrace your humanity and remember that everyone has their struggles. Presence of vulnerability doesn’t equate to weakness; on the contrary, it often reflects a quiet confidence and recognition that nobody is perfect.


Be Straightforward

There is no better way to let your guard down than by just being straightforward with people about your feelings and intentions. Believe it or not, this can feel quite liberating! After spending so much time in emotional seclusion, being straightforward with yourself and others is just what you need!


Avoid Being Cynical

One of the main reasons why many people put up walls is because they are afraid of getting hurt and used by people. Over time they automatically start forming false perceptions of people who might be honest and sincere. So avoid believing that everyone has his or her own selfish reason for connecting with you. People are different and many just truly want to get to know you on a deeper level.


Cynicism can act like a shield, but it also blocks the warmth of genuine connections. Trust in the goodness of others, while still being prudent, is essential for fulfilling relationships. Not everyone is out to deceive or exploit; in fact, most people you'll meet carry their own hopes for authenticity in interactions. Give them a chance—invest in the benefit of the doubt. If they prove themselves unworthy of your trust, that's a reflection on them, not you. Remember that your heart's resilience is stronger than you think, and each positive experience can reinforce that.


Give People a Chance

The bottom line is that you should try to take risks and give people a chance. It might be hard to do and you might get hurt at some point, but you can also reassure yourself that completely exposing yourself to others is worth it. Hurt and pain is just something that you are bound to experience, but it is nothing that should scare you from experiencing some of the best feelings in the world.

So whether it is a romantic relationship or friendship, try to let your guard down. Once you get over your fear, you will understand how beneficial it can be! What are some of your tips on letting your guard down?

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Spanish please

I been going out with my boyfriend off and on 4 years.so I text msg him told him I love you and he didn't not reply back..

Even harder when he also scared to fall in love and always build the wall for his heart :-(

I think being completely honest is a start to opening up and allowing you to see what people's intentions are.

So much more people need to read this. Great post and very true.

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