7 Ways to Love Yourself before You Can Love Someone else ...


I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “You can’t love someone without loving yourself," and even if you haven’t, you should really look into the reasons and ways to love yourself before you can ever love another in a healthy, communicative relationship. You need to know what you love about yourself first. Whether it’s your perfect fashion sense, glossy hair, or hilarious sense of humor, you should love and be comfortable in your skin before anyone can love the same great things about you. So, I’ll start you off with a few different reasons and ways to love yourself!

1. Admire Your Quirks

Do you like to put ketchup on your pizza? Or have a dislike for matching socks? Or are you (like me) so fluent in sarcasm that people can’t tell if you’re serious or not? Well, those are the things that make you, you! The little weird quirks are a big part of you, and if you learn to love them as one of many ways to love yourself, you definitely won’t be embarrassed or ashamed of them if your lover sees them for the first time. And, if it turns out he or she doesn’t like them, then it’s their loss. See, loving yourself first helped you dodge a major bad relationship bullet!

Adore Your Intelligence


I love it
These posts make me feel so happy and good about myself, thank you. :)
Liz Newsome
@Fey all mistakes no matter how big can always have a positive outcome
What if you feel your mistake is too great? :(
Rose Bowling
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