2. Adore Your Intelligence

You donโ€™t ever want to have to play dumb to get the guy or girl you want. If he or she doesnโ€™t like the fact that you have a good head on your shoulders then heโ€™s definitely not the one for you! Improving your education and knowing that you can accomplish what you want in life because youโ€™re smart and well-rounded are all good ways to love yourself. You know that youโ€™re not someone who can easily be taken advantage of. So, love your intelligence, and someone worthy of your knowledge will surely take notice.

Cherish Your Confidence


These posts make me feel so happy and good about myself, thank you. :)
Liz Newsome
@Fey all mistakes no matter how big can always have a positive outcome
What if you feel your mistake is too great? :(
Rose Bowling
Jackie Lu
Definitely agree !
Sonia De Jesus
Ngozi Akukwe
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