7. Reflect on Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. I don’t think anyone is immune to them. But, the key to not being a repeat-offender is to reflect on what went wrong. If you assess what happened, and learn from it, you’ll have less regrets, and less reasons to feel bad about yourself. The goal is to love every part of you, so even loving the lessons you learned from mistakes is a good thing!

If you are comfortable and honest with the mistakes you made, chances are your significant other won’t mind much either.

That popular saying is nothing less than the truth. Loving yourself before you get into a relationship is the only surefire way of you knowing your own self-worth and what you mean to the world. Hope these tips/reasons and ways to love yourself have been helpful, y’all! Are there any tips you guys have on ways to love yourself before you can love someone else?


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Fantastic post! Must make this into inspirational poster!!
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