8 Ways to Make a First Date Go Smoothly …


First Dates are nerve-wracking – especially when you really, really, really like the person with whom you're having the date. How do you keep yourself from rambling, or falling into fits of silence? How do you find something to talk about at all? How should you dress or act, how can you get to know him or her? First dates require so much preparation, and that in turn can make you so nervous that it doesn't go as well as you'd hoped. At least, they usually go like that, but I've got just the tips you need to make your first dates go smoothly, especially when you're going out with someone who makes your brain melt.

1. Have Conversation Starters Ready

One of the biggest problems with most first dates is finding something to talk about, and then keeping the conversation going. There are actually a number of ways to do this. For one thing, think about some conversation starters before your date. Don't rehearse, just think about any topics that interest your date, yourself, and the both of you together. Don't fake an interest in something you don't like, that will come off as stilted, but you can definitely ask your date to explain his interests. When you're asking questions, make sure they're open ended. You want to give your date the opportunity to elaborate, because that will keep the talk flowing.

Dress Comfortably


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A person that is a nervous wreck
I have a question bout something. In 20 days my school is having a valentines dance and I'm in 7th grade and the boy I'm going with is in 8th grade and I know there is gonna be slow dancing and I have...
We went to the Zoo, which was a great conversation starter :D Thanks for this nice article :)
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