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Are you looking for some ways to make anyone fall in love with you? Even if you’re not the most attractive person ever these tips will still work for you. People are like puzzles - there’s a trick or hidden code to unlocking their heart. It sounds corny, I know. The thing is everyone is missing something from their life or they’re still bruised from their childhood. Perhaps you can be the girl who will never leave them. Or you can be the guy who is the one who can fix what Maroon 5 calls her “broken smile”. Or perhaps you can be that person who sees them exactly how they want to be seen, rather than the broken person they sometimes feel like. Read on for the best ways to make anyone fall in love with you.

1. Play Guitar for Them

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Playing guitar is not as hard as you think and is one of the top ways to make anyone fall in love with you. Just try to master two simple love songs and you’ve probably got it down pat. And there are so many YouTube videos out there to give you instructions. Better yet, if you can write a really quick love song and dedicate it to her, then she’ll probably just throw herself at you. Good deal, right? If you are a female reading this, then you can follow this tip too. You probably look so adorable playing.

Video: Play 4 Love Songs with 4 Chords | Guitar Lesson | Easy Songs

Tell Them You Want to Know Everything about Them
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