8 Ways to Make Clear You Just Want Sex ...


Most people think it's only men who are in it for the sex, but I'm here to tell you a lot of girls are just looking for some sexual loving, and there are lots of ways to make clear you just want sex. Guys always think women want a relationship, that we automatically cling on to them the minute we have sex. Truth is, that happens quite a lot. Our hormones create a chemical that makes us want to attach, but doesn't mean we actually always want to have a relationship. Some times we don't like the guy, we just like the way he makes us feel in bed. I'm here to give you 8 ways to make clear you just want sex.

1. Be Upfront

Here's the thing, honesty is the best policy. Even though most men won't believe you when you say you just are in it for the sex, you at least need to put it on the table. Remember to be kind if the guy you are hooking up with likes you. Feelings can make it complicated, so make sure you aren't giving him false hope that he is going to be your boyfriend. Telling the truth is one of the best ways to make clear you just want sex.

Stay Detached


I dont think this is true outside the US, though.
I personally see nothing wrong with this. We're only human, sometimes we want the fun without all the baggage. Hey, a girls got needs too! As long as your safe about it, I say go for it!
Heather Jensen
Hi Marina! To be completely honest, men do these things all of the time. They jump from woman to woman, just for sex. What's wrong with a girl doing it too? The post is just highlighting that girls can do it too! ;)
Heather Jensen
Hi Zlati! This is basically just a post that states that women can do the same thing that men do. A lot of men jump from woman to woman, just looking for sex and this post is all about liberating women and allowing them to do the same thing. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Macy! I think that this article is just describing that women can be like men. Men, a lot of the time, are just in it for sex, not looking for a relationship and we were just trying to show that women can do it too! ;)
Shit!!! Does people actually live this way!! What a shame dignity! Imagine your daughter would be one doing all, just to have sex! So nasty! Relationships are important and everything takes fall in i...
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