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Are there ways to make him love you more? If you are like me, you try to do everything right and do what you can to make your man love you even more. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it. I do not mean changing yourself, but being the best version of you. If you do little things for your loved one, like not sweating the small stuff and making the most of each day, you can both live a happier, more fulfilled life together. Being married almost eleven years, I have learned the ways to make him love you more, so let me share these tips with you:

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Write Him a Note

A short but sweet note goes a long way. I like to write a simple note professing my love, gratitude or even asking my husband on a date. This small gesture is one of the many ways to make him love you more and realize just how special he is to you!


Be Yourself

Your man loves you because he decided to date you! Maybe you have an awkward laugh or you dance out of control, and guess what? That is what he loves. Remember the reason you fell for each other and just be you. Do not try to change for your man, because he loves you for your individuality!


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The pile of clothes that he leaves on the floor next his bed may drive you crazy, believe me I can relate, but sometimes it pays to just not sweat the small stuff. The little things that may drive you crazy maybe should be let go. In life there is much stress and rigors, so let it go and just love him with his quirks and habits. After all, we all have them!


Go with the Flow

The man in your life wants to whisk you away for a sporting event when you have no interest in watching sports, so maybe you should just go with the flow. I went to a football game in the past year when I really had no interest, but I showed support to my husband and guess what? I had a blast! So go with the flow and show him you are up for anything!


Have Pride in Yourself

Taking care of your hair and looking after your nails are simple things to do each day that he loves about you. Do not let yourself go. Take care and put some pride in yourself. You are worth the time and energy!


Be Vulnerable

Sometime it is tough to let someone in to see your flaws and fears, but you will fall in love hardest if you let yourself be vulnerable. If he loves you, he will love the good and the bad. So face your fears, show your love and let him know how you really feel about him!


Find a Together Hobby

When I met my husband we would go to the gym together every day after work and this became our hobby together. There was nothing better than bonding over a sweaty workout! We would often just give each other steamy looks in the middle of our workouts! Find a together hobby so that you can connect with your man even more and as a result, your bond will be stronger.

Now that you have some tips to have him loving you more, are you ready to write a love note or dance in the rain with your man? Remember to be yourself, have fun and spend time getting to know each other! Life is sweetest when you live your life with the one that you love!

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I've been married for Thirtytwo yrs now and most of these tip are good but you forgot to never go to sleep mad at each other thats definitely a no no makeup before you go to sleep....


women stop being so desperate

honestly if your husband doesn't love u unconditionally and feel the need to figure out ways to get him to " love u more" then your relationship is in more trouble than this blast from the 1950's article can help you with.

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