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Shopping with Your Boyfriend is about to Get a Lot More Fun ...

By Alicia

Shopping with your boyfriend can be a fun date. Some guys like to shop and some don’t. Even for those that do, they probably enjoy shopping for different things than you do. These are some ways to make shopping with your boyfriend a successful and fun date.

1 Ask if He’d like to Go

The first step to shopping with your boyfriend is to ask if he’d like to go. If he says yes then you’re all set. If he says no, that’s okay, too. If it isn’t something he wants to do it isn’t going to be a lot of fun for either of you. If that’s the situation, take a girlfriend instead and enjoy a girl’s day out.

2 Plan Your Trip

If your boyfriend is up for shopping with you, that’s great. Next, plan out your shopping trip. Plan to visit some stores you both want to go to. Ask if there’s any place he wants to make sure to hit. You want to make sure he gets to visit the stores he likes, too.

3 Break for Lunch

No shopping trip is complete without lunch, right? Make sure you take time for a nice meal in your shopping adventure. If your boyfriend isn’t a die-hard shopper, this’ll revive him for another stint of shopping by giving him a break. Everyone shops better on a full tummy. You can concentrate on the steals and deals better when you aren’t starving.

4 Ask His Opinion

If your boyfriend seems a little bored when you’re shopping, you can always do things to get him involved. Ask his opinion on things you’re interested in. It can also be fun to model new clothes for him. You may be surprised at his opinions once you ask. You could find out there’s a certain color or style that he loves to see you wear.

5 Know when to Say when

Shopping with your boyfriend can be tons of fun but there’s comes a time to call it quits. Even if your boyfriend loves shopping with you, he may not be built for marathon shopping like you are. Three or four hours may be all he can do. If he’s dragging and sagging under the weight of your purchases, have pity on him. Call it quits for the day and find something else that’s fun to do.

6 Split up for a Bit

It’s perfectly okay to split up for a bit when you’re shopping. Maybe he wants to pick up some golf balls while you dash into your favorite shoe store. Agree to meet up at a certain time and go your separate ways. You both get to shop for what you’re interested in. This is a way to have the best of both worlds.

7 Let Him Choose Your Next Date

Your boyfriend was probably up for shopping, at least partially, just to spend time with you. If you know that he went shopping as a special favor to you, do the same for him. Suggest doing something he wants to do next time or at least let him know you’re up for anything. You may not love spending time at the race track or wherever he likes to hang out but you’ll enjoy being with him. Doing things you don’t absolutely love for one another is a way to make a selfless and loving gesture in your relationship.

Does your boyfriend go shopping with you? What tips do you have on the subject? You’re welcome to share!

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