How to Make Your Crush like You ...

If you’re daydreaming about his built body and glowing grin in between classes, here are a few of the top ways to make your crush like you. With these 25 tips, you’ll say goodbye to the friend zone for good. Have you packed your bags yet? Let's explore the top** how to make your crush like you** tips that maybe you haven't tried yet!

1. Don’t Change the Core of Who You Are

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When looking for ways to make your crush like you, it can be tempting to alter your personality to fit what you believe your special guy is searching for. Don’t give in! Not only will it look and feel unnatural to go from class clown to prim and proper overnight, but it can also drive him away. So, show off your true self –even if the person you’re crushing on doesn’t realize how amazing you are, someone else will. I promise!

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