5. Use Humor

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I’m not saying you need to be the next great female comedian, but humor is one way to make your crush like you. And if the two of you manage to create your own inside jokes, it’s only a matter of time before he takes that fall. I’d suggest brushing up on your one-liners and taking it from there.

Stop Trying Too Hard


@Ayanah, So True I Had To Learn,, Because When I Fell For Him I Fell Hard,, &&^ I'm Just Getting Back Up !!!
Ok, I am 14, almost 15. I have liked this guy for a little over a year now. But there is a problem. I have never met him in person. Helo. :c
Heather Jensen
Hi Amz! Have you tried to talk to him in person? That might be a good idea and might actually get him to really know you.
@Brianna, Your just having a big crush on him. Love is bigger than liking, love is when you feel that your going to be with him FOREVER not for months. Trust me, when you get older, your going to find "Mrβ€’Right" :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I would say that he is just a little shy in his feelings and he doesn't know how to show that he likes you. I'd say that you should up the flirting with him a bit and see how he responds to it. :)
i have this crush he look at me when i go past but the other day i saw him walk wiv my mate and she sed there mates who go through a ally toghter i dont know how to attract him i havnt talked to him b...
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