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Our local community center has recently started hosting events on ways to make your relationship stronger. While the idea seemed an odd one at first, the events have been a huge success. It seems that everyone wants to keep their relationship strong and healthy, and most people have no idea how to do that. It’s started a lot of great conversations about ways to make your relationship stronger without investing all of your time into it, and some great tips have come out of it. Here they are!

1. Make Your Loved One a Priority…

One of the top ways to make your relationship stronger is to give it priority. It goes without saying that it won’t always be your number one priority. You’ll have some occasions where a baby or child needs to come first, and others where you need to give just about everything to your career. Your relationship should always be a priority, though, even if it can’t be your top priority. When possible, devote your time to it. That doesn’t mean give up all of your free time…just be thoughtful, and focus on the relationship. Ignore the phone if it rings in the middle of a chat – you can always call back later.

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Amina Abdul
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Definitely making me change things !
Michelle Sharon
Love it
great advice. will totally consider all of these points! 👍
Nur Suraiya
Sweet reminder, thanks love!
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