3. Have an US Day

Turn off your phones, laptops, and the world and have an US day. We get so busy with plans, busy weekends, and work weeks that we sometimes get lost in it all and forget to slow down and enjoy the little things.

Some of my favorite moments with my husband involve just sitting at the kitchen table together and talking over breakfast with our coffee, and then we sit there for a few more hours to enjoy each other's company. Go for a walk, play a board game, cook together, solve the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, read a book aloud...whatever you do, just do it together and shut out the world.

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Yess I Love It
Maggie boo
this helps my realtionship alot !
Wow! Am glad to read this😊 I will it in my mind☺️
Nav Lotay
Communication is the key ! The more and open honest communication the better !
If only my boyfriend could read this! And put our relationship ahead of work...
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