2. Analyze the Problems

Analyzing the problems can be really difficult, especially if you are bull-headed like me. I don't like problems, I'll admit it. I want things to be smooth sailing all of the time and I hate ups and downs. That is one rough patch that I am constantly learning how to deal with in my relationship. Learning to analyze the problems with your partner though can really make your bond that much stronger and better.

Communicate with Your Partner


Heather Jensen
Hi Dominika! Thanks so much for the comment!! :) I love reading the suggestions! So I do have an article for you I think, about parents not approving. Would that work? http://love.allwomenstalk.com/things-to-do-if-your-parents-dont-approve-of-your-relationship/
Heather Jensen
Hey Haley! Thanks so much! I actually do write a lot of articles that are geared toward the high school age, because I remember going through that! :) What type of articles do you want to see? Se...
Dominika Warecka
I love your love advices! I have a weird situation now and i would like to ask you for maybe writing a post about it. Well, I'm in high school and i had a boyfriend. He's guardians told him not to dat...
Hi Heather! I LOVE all the articles you write! I have a request. Will you write more articles about love geared towards teenagers like myself?
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