2. Don’t Give up Your Interests or Hobbies

It’s not a good idea to give up your interests or hobbies because you’re in a relationship. Your interests and hobbies are part of what makes you who you are. They’re part of the completely interesting person that caught your boyfriend’s eye in the first place. Continue to pursue your passions. It’s insurance that you’ll continue to be your own unique person.

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Very important
Isabella Coles
Might read that blog, but 'changing who you are' can go two ways for me. Who you are as a person, or just improving little things about you. Anyway, I'm making sure I keep myself occupied with my hobb...
Audrey Earl
I have learned #2 don't give up on hobbies and things you love in a relationship. Having to compromise is one thing, but changing who you are is another. Let me know what you think of my blog http://icouldneverloveyou.blogspot.ca/
Shelby Lynn
@bebe thanks I really needed one
good article.
Okay @shelby here's a cookie 🍪.
Shelby Lynn
First comment yay!!!!!
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